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I am once again thinking out of my comfort zone and it is scary! It is much easier for me to write down my life stories with pen and paper however I gave that up years ago and have regretted not keeping up my journal ever since. Make no mistake ( not that you were going to)I must let you know that, I am not a writer. I was that little girl in elementary, yea the one that everyone looked at because I had so many circles and marks on my paper that you couldn't even tell what I had originally wrote. There was a reason I didn't like Miss White and she didn't like me, but even more I hated her red marker that she used to scribble all those corrections on my paper with. However that's another story yet to tell. But I do have lasting memories of that old battleax telling me that my sentences were way to long, used commas in all the wrong places and used too many exclamation marks!!!! I felt what I had to say was exciting and through the years have continued to use too many !!!!!!'s...and, commas in, all the wrong, places. I'm also not so good about proof reading my work before I submit it. You see it scares me because I have written huge stories before and when I pushed the send button, it goes somewhere never to be found and then I am forced into saying a swear word and I don't have the desire to rewrite it again!!! I guess Miss White was right about the long sentences. They say to place a comma where you would pause while saying a sentence but, since I don't pause much while talking I don't really know where to place the comma. Well anyways, I needed something to do in my spare time so I figured I would give this a try! Good luck everyone especially you Miss White wherever you are!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

White Horse

I've always loved country music, well sort of. The earliest I can remember any type of country music was watching Hee Haw as a family. I really hated that show. I preferred to watch Laugh In with Goldie Hawn , then to watch a bunch of old farts dressed in overalls , and Minnie Pearl with a tag hanging from her hat, hiding behind bales of hay. Thats a big No THANKS! It never made any sense to me and wasn't funny, rather lame. Laugh In really didn't make any sense either, but I liked Goldie's silliness and her SUPER COOL bell bottoms.

I first started to like country music when The Donny and Marie Show came on. I would sing along to Paper Roses as if I was the one on stage with Donny. I never really had a crush on Donny, and Marie wasn't my favorite but I wanted to be her singing on stage with Mr. Purple socks Donny.

Then along came Barbara Mandrell, Kenny Rogers, Crystal Gail and oh yea, Tanya Tucker to name a few. I never really liked the older twangy singers, or The Oakridge Boys ( Elvira, gitty up blah, blah, blah) and I definitely didn't like ( I'm a pickin, and I'm a grinnin) lame singers that performed on Hee Haw! I hate that show! When that show was on , I'm sure as a young child I begged to go to bed early!

Then Country music started figuring out the good stuff. I remember singing to Barbara Mandrell . I had her 8 track tape and I would crank it as loud as I could in my blue Volkeswagon Bug, with the windows rolled down. I didn't have an air conditioner! Country music was meant to be belted out and with passion. That damn song made me cry every time I heard it. Who knows why, teenage hormones I reckon. The song was , If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right. In 79 I was dating a really good guy so the lyrics didn't fit one bit , but I still cried, and cried, and sang it with passion. Maybe I was crying because I didn't have a bad boy boyfriend and deep inside I really wanted one. Who knows, anyways.....

Then came along the movie with Sissy Spacek in it. Coal Miners Daughter ( I was hooked). I loved that character and wanted to live her life, but to confuse matters more, Grease came out the same year and I wanted to be Sandy! My boyfriend didn't appreciate that Sandy changed for the worse to be like Danny. I guess the naughty girl in me kind of liked that she had. We didn't see eye to eye on that show. Bottom line my goal in life was to tour the country in butt tight black pants and red high heels singing country songs, swaying my pelvis back and forth, playing the guitar while I made out with John Travolta! It never happened.

I heard that if you're happy you hear the country song , but if you're sad you feel the lyrics.

Country music has to be the most romantic music in the world. But the devil has to be involved somehow. It forces you into believing that a man is just waiting to grab you up, throw you on the back of his horse and ride off into the sunset and you will be happy forever never once falling off the back. ( That's devil evidence # 1...). It doesn't happen happen that way.

It tempts you to walk down the street with a can of kerosene because somebody pissed you off ! You can't be doing that. (Devil evidence #2) .

It encourages you to argue, walk out slamming your cute little porch screen door on your farm house , walk down the dirt path in your Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots while your handsome, strong, hard working lover with his cowboy shirt unsnapped half way runs after you, begging you to stay, aggressively carries you home where you have passionate , hot unbridled cowboy/cowgirl sex and are happy forever. ( Devil Evidence #3) No Way, No How, Not going to happen!

Country music plays emotional games in your head. I bet 90 % of embarrased, foolish people are that way because they listened to a country song that sent little voices in their brains that told them to suddenly kiss someone, punch someone, ride a mechanical bull or wear Daisy Dukes when clearly you shouldn't. (Devil Evidence # 4)

You never see fans of Rap bawling their eyes out or saying " this is our song" just to break up 10 minutes later. Maybe it's because you're trying so hard to figure out what the crap it's saying and cringing each time they drop the F. Bomb.

Me, I need to stay away from the country songs. It either makes me want to kiss on someone that I don't even know or kick someone with my spurs. It makes me want to own a horse (oh yea, I had a horse once , it died quickly) Poor Fireball, I never even got to ride you.

Urban Cowboy is one of my favorite movies, along with Hope Floats , Coal Miners Daughter , Grease, An Officer and A Gentleman and of course The Notebook! I kind of see a pattern here. Did I mention that I hated Hee Haw? Urban Cowboy is another one of those movies that could FORCE you into doing bad things!

So, the bottom line is this, I basically have two choices of music that I can listen to while trying to get to sleep. Listening to Taylor Swift sing "That I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairytale, blah, blah, blah something about a white horse" Yada, Yada, Yada


I could get to sleep listening to Tupac singing ....

Give the crack to the kids who the hell cares? One less hungry mouth on the welfare.
First ship 'em dope & let 'em deal to brothers.
Give 'em guns, step back, and watch 'em kill each other.
"It's time to fight back", that's what Huey said.
2 shots in the dark now Huey's dead.
I got love for my brother, but we can never go nowhere

Hmmmm, I think I'm sticking to Country , tears and all! Good Night ;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pickles, I love Pickles!

If I was ever on a deserted island , the only thing that I would need to survive are pickles! Well, maybe crab also, I love crab even more than I do pickles. They both make my face swell up like a marshmallow and that can be embarrassing but it won't matter because I will be alone on my island! I could eat pickles anytime anywhere. You never can be too full for a pickle. It's like ice cream, you can be stuffed to where you want to barf but there's always room for ice cream.

Not all pickles are good! Sweet pickles are yuck, soft squishy pickles are double yuck and homemade pickles are well, just homemade! No one makes a pickle like Vlassic and Claussen are the best dill pickles in the world. They have to have just the right crunch and those companies know their stuff!

I would rather have a pickle at the theater than even popcorn and popcorn is my 2nd favorite thing. There is nothing more mouth watering than to see that huge glass jar full of pickles sitting on the concession counter. Your mouth has a way of twitching just from looking at them. Then the saliva begins to flow and you can hardly control it. You have to be prepared to open your mouth when they ask you what you would like. Always prepare ahead of time. You have to begin swallowing way before you get to the front of the line so you don't gleek on the concession people. Then they do that " she wants a what?" dance, like they suddenly no longer know whatbthey are doing. They can fill drinks, nachos, popcorn and get candy without thinking about it, but when you ask for a pickle they have to regroup. I like when, they ask you which one you want. I like those people! I try to pretend and say " any of them are fine" but I'm already pointing to the one I really want and hoping they notice. I try to be sly when I'm eyeing the pickles from 5 people back because it wouldn't look cool to be a pickle geek! Cool is still better than pickles! It's always a bummer when they just reach in and grab the smallest one. What's even worse is picking out the most gigantic, out of the world pickle you can find and then when they pull it out it's just this little dinky thing! I sit there wondering where my mother sized pickle went!

When we were little kids my mom came home one time with a huge , and I do mean huge bucket of pickles. It was in a white bucket like a home depot bucket and was chuck full of pickles! One day me and my younger brothers went downstairs and tried to get into the pickles. We had to use a screwdriver to get the bucket lid off. Never in my whole entire life have I seen a prettier sight than when we pryed back that lid and saw all those pickles swimming in that yummy juice just calling out our names! We dug into those and between the three of us we ate almost every single pickle! There had to be at least 50 pickles in that bucket! Now I wonder where our mother was while we were doing this. She was probably watching Merv Griffen or The Dinah Shore show and was glad we weren't interrupting her. Needless to say we got very sick and were on the toilet for days. Thank heavens that we had three toilets. It amazes me that I love pickles still after that day.

I do so much still them , that I think I will go get me a pickle and maybe drink the pickle juice. That's the very best part! Tomorrow my face will be all puffed up but for now it's worth it.

Monday, July 16, 2012

What do you want to hear about?

You Wingnuts are the ones that asked me to keep telling stories so which ones do you want to hear? You know most of them but I will give you a few other choices.

Honeymoon disaster and The Gordon Elliot Show.
Breast exam by the janitor when it was only my throat that hurt.
Asking Johnny Carson if he preferred boxers or briefs?
Reasons that you don't hide in the back of a van, no matter the cause.
Mommy meltdowns, involving orange juice or sleeping bags!
Ambien, Horton hears a who, Clayson and his steak dinner all in one!
Why I love to have my hair pulled even if it's by a drunk chick!
Why you never trust your husband to bring you a cold glass of milk!

I'm sure there are hundreds more that you remember and I don't.

Oh, we can't forget Jen's liberation movement in the jungles of Mexico!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Life is so good!

I really dislike (hate) that this blog lists the newest posts first and oldest last! It's like going backwards through life. But then again I read magazines from the back forward. Hmmm is that strange?

Monday, July 18, 2011

ksl.com - Nurse describes scene of tour bus accident

ksl.com - Nurse describes scene of tour bus accident

The Attorney, Scott Brown, has been calling this week to invite me out to his office to do a video call with one of the couples that were hurt in the bus accident. I found it ironic that it was almost the one year anniversary . I have to admit I have a little anxiety over the whole thing but at the same time, I am thrilled that he would extend such an invite. He knows it was important to me to see that they are doing well. When speaking to him today, he informed me that there was another suit filed. This would be the third one. He told me that it was from the family of the deceased husband and wife. It hit some emotion in me that I thought I had left behind. Maybe because it made me think again about the fact that I knew she had had a baby. I once again thought about the family that was left behind when both the mother and father died. The family that would constantly replay the details in their head of what "might " have happened at the scene. It must drive some people insane to be so far away and not even be able to picture in your mind the place that such an accident happened. I know it would be very difficult for me. I would need to know and see to be able to process it all. To make things final.

I have an appointment in two weeks to go out and talk with them. There will be a Japanese interpreter to help bridge the two languages.

Today has been very emotional just thinking about it. Maybe I need to bring someone out with me, maybe I want to go alone? I don't fully understand why this seems so difficult. Who am I kidding.... I don't understand any of these emotions. It should be a joyous occasion!

I just need to go listen to some Helen Reddy " I am woman" and I will be on top of my game again! Nobody likes a 'Debbie Downer"!

It will remind me that "I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman"

xoxoxo to you all! Drive safe, wear your seat belts and listen to what your mothers said about always wearing clean underwear!!!!! You don't want to be in an accident with dirties on!!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm whining now but not for long. Tomorrow I might be laughing!

I never have really sat down and told someone how I really feel. For several reasons. I think that if they really wanted to know what it was like, then they would look it up. There is a lot of information out there to inform someone who is interested in learning about it. If they really wanted to know they would ask questions or go to the many doctors with me. They haven't and I won't ask them to.

It's very interesting if they gave it a try. Fibromyalgia is an autoimmune disease. Your body likes to destroy itself!

I am a very independent woman. I always have been and I probably always will be. I don't like the feeling of making someone change their plans to be with me while I can do it myself. My mother is one that has always offered to go but she asks too many questions ( bless her heart) and I like to process the information my own way. She goes to the doctors for everything... I do not. I'm not saying one is right or one is wrong it just that we do things differently.

The second reason is... I don't like to complain about my pain in fear I might look like a hypochondriac so I try to not say much. Nobody wants to be with a crybaby so I try not to as often as possible.

The third and most important reason to me is........ There are thousands of people that have it a lot worse than I. People fighting cancer, people that are waiting for transplants, parents that have children diagnosed with many horrible diseases these days. There are so many things out there that would be so much worse for me to have. I guess why I thought that I would write this is, because it does affect the quality of my life and others around me and I sometimes do great and plow through it and other times I cry until I can't cry any longer. It's painful and debilitating. It consumes my everyday for weeks at a time and then sometimes it sleeps and doesn't rear it's ugly head as much.

For the last 6 weeks it has been HELL and I do mean HELL!!!! I do what I can to stay afloat. I just needed to say that and now I will finish this blog and whine for a few more minutes and then when I am done I will feel better that I got it off my chest and tomorrow will be another day. Hopefully better! Either way it will be better for the fact that I wrote my feelings down and there won't be a reason to talk about it anymore!!!!!

Some close coworkers of mine know when I am hurting without me saying a word.
They will ask me how I feel and I feel close enough to them to say "I feel like hell but thanks for asking" and then we just laugh and go back to work.

I'm stubborn at times ... my mom will ask me why I don't take the pain medicine the Dr. gave me and I tell her because I have to fight through most of it. If I start medicating myself now then I will need more and more when the pain worsens and I don't want to cross that bridge. I try to make my month worth of pain meds last for 6 months or so. The addiction possibilities are frightening.

I want my family to know that I now have limits . I can't do what I did three years ago. I don't want people to feel sorry for me because what good is that going to do, for anyone. Most of all, I don't want pitty!!!!! I am still going to feel this same way, same fatigue, same pain, same depression that follows it because I remember what I used to accomplish. It pretty much sucks now! Lets face it, depression gets you no where!

I want to SCREAM.... that's what I really want to do the most!!!!! I hate the diagnosis, I hate the word Fibromyalgia. Why couldn't it be something else!

This is what I think about the disease.

Too many times, not always, but too many times I have seen lazy, lazy people say "Oh, I can't do that because I have FIBRO". I can't work, I can't get off the couch etc. Wha, wha, wha... There are legitimate people out there but a few ruin it for the rest of us!

Other times I will go on a Fibro forum and their are those that list every freaking symptom or diagnosis they have. I wouldn't be surprised if they had listed their hang nail problems.

I am a very factual person that centers my life around facts and the fact that they do not know what causes this or they have no cure is a fact that I can't deal with!!!! It feels like to me the diagnosis is like the doctors saying " sorry we don't know what is wrong, we can see by your test results there is something wrong but we don't know what it is so we will throw you in with those Fibro people over there in the corner (the ones wailing and lashing about). It really does seem like HELL at times!!!!

They say that a major big emotional event can trigger this disease. That seems weird to me but I will say that is about the time that some of the symptoms started.

1989 was the year that my sweet son Adam at the age of 5 had to go in for emergency Kidney surgery to remove his nearly ruptured kidney before the toxins could kill him. Letting my little boy go with the nurses was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I was 5 months pregnant with my 4th baby Kylee. I slept up at the hospital every night so I could be there with my little boy.

A month later my Grandpa Galbraith died and only a month after that his wife, Maxine Galbraith was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. We knew we didn't have long to spend time with her. I went into premature labor in December but was able to hold off until January 4th, 1990 and gave birth by C-section to our beautiful Kylee. In February, my Grandma got to hold her once and said how beautiful she was. Then my Grandma Galbraith died a day later only 3 months after being diagnosed.
One month later on March 10, 1990 my sweet sisters oldest daughter was killed while riding her bike and a 16 yr old girl hit her with her car. Heather Marie Strong was only 10 years old. I will write more about that at another time. She and her family deserve more than a few sentences.

I had just gotten promoted at work to train all the new employees coming in. I had a class room of about thirty and I loved that job! Within a week I knew that my body was wearing down fast and it was all I could do to go to work, take care of a 4 month old baby and deal with all the emotions of what happened in the last 8 months. It was the last day of training when I was doing evaluations on the new employees and all I could do is stare at the computer, I couldn't get myself to talk or signal that I needed help. It's like I had just frozen in that position. It seemed like forever but the poor new employee eventually noticed and went and got help.

My neighbor came and got me to my doctors and my spleen was really enlarged, all my reflexes were hyperextended . I found out that I had had Mono that was out of control and now I was testing for very high extream readings of Epstein Barr. They sent me home, where I stayed for about 4 months unable to do anything but shower and lay back down. I gained 40 pounds that year from not being able to do anything at first, then eventually being able to go back part time to work. Grandma Banta helped me so much with Kylee. She had her probably more then I did that first year!

I found out what Epstein Barr was and learned to deal with it . There are good days and bad days. I could do certain things that seemed to make a difference. When it was really bad I would go in and get my blood checked knowing the whole time that my levels would be high. The one great thing about Epstein Barr is that the blood tests tell you how you are doing or if it is in remission . When the levels were high I would go in and get a vitamin B12 shot go get a shot of wheat grass and sleep all of Saturday and Sunday. I pretty much had it handled for 10 years. Only at times would it get out of control.

2008 I started feeling really run down so I would go and get my levels checked and they would come back a little low but nothing that would cause me to feel this bad. Within 6 months I could see a huge difference in what I was able to do in the day before I was completely exhausted.

My blood levels were no longer consistant with how I was feeling. I expected my levels to be sky high.

I started losing my memory and would experience panic attacks at times. There were several times I would head to the store and suddenly I couldn't figure out what to do. My brain was not working to tell me to do the exact same things that I had done so many times before.

I couldn't remember where the bread or milk was or plan a meal. It was very frightening and I would have to call my husband to walk me through it. If I couldn't reach him I would just have to go home. It was if the brain was not giving signals. I used to like going to the grocery store but it was probably two years that I struggled going and actually coming home with the right items.

Sometimes picking out my clothes to wear is too difficult. Some days wearing tennis shoes hurts because they are too heavy. It feels like I have cinder blocks around my feet.

I think that it was the summer of 2009 that I was going to have 6 weeks off from work. I was soooo excited to have time off to clean and organize or do anything I wanted to do but work.

About a month before my vacation I had really strange symptoms again. I was getting electrical shocks all through my body. One second it would literally shock me in the leg and then it would shock me in the ear then somewhere else. It would go non stop for hours and some of the shocks were very painful. The fatigue was worse then it ever was.

There were times that I could not lift my arms high enough to brush my hair after getting out of the shower. All my joints started hurting. I quickly became aware of where i had joints!!!!! It was very painful if someone leaned on me or touched my shoulders. It hurt horribly bad. I was painful to wrestle around with my boys like we used to. Someone poking me in the back with their finger would bring tears because of the pain.

My six week vacation from work was consumed with extreme pain, tightened Achilles tendon in the left foot, both arches had dropped suddenly in my feet to the point that I could not walk on them. The podiatrist suggested that we may need to clip the back of my Achilles tendon. It would have been a long recovery and wow, I am so glad that I didn't do that.

Both ears started having a really loud static noise constantly. It sounds just like a radio that is not on the station. The bright sun started to burn my eyes , where it never had before.

Everything that I looked forward to just passed me by because I was exhausted. I just sat in the recliner and slept and slept and slept and looked out the window.

I started seeing doctors because I knew something had to be wrong. They suspected M.S. the symptoms are exactly the same. They did MRI's, CAT scans Nuclear medicine scans, xrays, numerous blood tests and sent me to almost every doctor known to man. One Dr. said I had Multiple Schlorosis but the scan came back that I did not have lesions on my brain. He would wait a while to do the spinal tap. He didn't want me to go through that. Ah, been there, done that, not a big deal!!! They tested me for bone cancer with the nuclear medicine thingy... that came back that I had deterioration in my joints on both sides in all the joints except my hips. Suprisingly they were good! They couldn't figure out why that was happening but it was sending up red flags! They referred me to Rheumatologist with a wait of 3 months. That BUTT never even took the xrays out of the envelope and was so rude!!! I felt healed just leaving her office!!!!

After testing for anything from Lupus to ALS to you name it , they then tell you that you have Fibromyalgia. It feels like it leaves you hanging with out an answer. I don't understand fully why I don't like this diagnosis I just dont!!!!!! Why couldn't a damn TIC have bitten me instead!!! Everyone knows what LYME disease is!!!!

It was about 8 weeks of pure hell until the Cymbalta kicked in and I no longer felt someone constantly shocking me. The shocks are always there but they are much smaller and you just learn to live with it.

The arches to my feet are no longer flat!!!!! Who knows why? But I will take it. The tendon also released when the arches raised back up!

The static in my ears (especially my left is always there but seems to get louder when I am overly tired.) As long as people are around or I have the T.V. on it doesn't really bother me. I just wish my brain could find a channel so I could hear more than just static!!!

I can't sit for more then a few minutes because when I get up it hurts really bad and I look crippled walking around until I can get my muscles to warm and stretch.

That is why I get really fidgety when I sit and would prefer to stand. Unless I have zero energy I will chose to stand.

I have about 4 hours of hard work in me a day, the rest of the day I need to do more sitting down activities. I schedule my most difficult activities in the morning. There are some mornings that I really, really, really can not move out of bed. My legs stiffen up and I can't move from that position. I have to take a hot bath in order for my muscles to relax. Then I can get dressed and get to work.

Sometimes I can not hold a pencil or a fork because it hurts too bad and they are too heavy!!! I know it sounds stupid but it is true.

I have learned that the more I move and the more active I stay the better off I feel!!! When I get something like the flu I am better off still moving around as much as possible. Laying down too much is the worst thing I could do.

I don't like the "brain fog" part. This is the scariest part for me and it makes me worry what the future could bring. This happens quite often and I find myself not remembering how to do the simplest things. Things that I have done thousand times before.

For example reading instructions on something, I will read and reread them over and over but I can't get my brain to move onto the next step. I will find myself in this situation sometimes at work trying to fill out reports or observations. I just go BLANK and can't get to step one. I have had to leave my self notes at work for the days that it gets really bad. Sometimes filling out my timecard can be too difficult and I have to ask for help!!!! I hate this!!!

I have found myself just staring at my wallet trying to figure out what I give to the cashier. I know that I am looking in there for a reason but I can't focus on why or which card.

Someday's it's like you know how to do the survival skills like brushing my teeth and doing my hair and makeup and most of the time I can do anything but when the thing they call "brain fog" sets in it's different. If someone asked you to plan something or ask you to give your opinion on something I couldn't!!!! You can't visualize what needs to happen. I have difficulty looking at the details. I find myself having to follow everyone else's lead at times. Other times I am just fine.

Sometimes my daughter gets frustrated with me about not making decisions but the truth of the matter is... sometimes I can't so I come across indecisive!

I used to love stormy weather!!! It was my favorite thing in the world!!!! Now I can know when a storm is coming in I swear before the weather man does. ( prob not but it seems like it)

I had to go to the Doctors for the first time in a while about the Fibro. I told him that for the last two months I have been in the worst pain again and can't shake it like I usually can. He said that he has had more appointments from his patients with Fibro lately then ever before. He said they are all being affected by the weather. It has been so bad that I now have had to resort to take one pain med a day but hopefully that won't last long. The whole dependency thing scares me and I don't want to be so doped up that I miss out on life. That's not living.

I have lost the feeling in the right side of my face. In the morning I can feel it but about 4-5 hours into the day I get tired and my cheek goes numb!!!! They know I have not had a stroke!!! That's always good.

My daughter and my friend have noticed that when I am spent, I have started talking a different way. I guess I hold my mouth in a funky way!!!! They say I curl my lips over my teeth like I have dentures!!!! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha I'm a freak!!!

I now have learned to give myself my own Vit B12 shots weekly in my big ole rear. I have decided that when I am feeling good (which is most of the time) they really help. But when I feel horrible (like the last two months) they don't do squat!!!!!!

BTW if you see me at the store anytime and I have a really stupid look on my face like I don't know what in the hell I'm doing? Feel free to pass me by or lead me out to my car! No, I'm not stoned or drugged out I promise!!!!

If I have known you for years( Brenda) and really, really like you and then when I run into you and I don't acknowledge who you are... I am sorry! I couldn't even figure out why I was on that isle let alone who you were. Then when I started coming out of the fog I remembered seeing you at the store and remembered your name, where we worked together and why i liked you so much!!!!! I am sorry for that day.

When I miss activities or events or have to cancel sometimes, I am truly sorry. My body just stops and won't give me anymore and then of course the emotions kick in because I feel like a giant loser and have let everyone down. I promise on those days that I feel great ( in comparison) I will give you everything I have to hopefully make up for lost time.

When I am walking in front of you and going too slow you can either...

A. Be patient it doesn't take me long to warm up and get moving.
B. Learn to be faster and walk in front of me instead of getting stuck behind me.
C. Yell "get the hell out of my way Jen or I will kick you!!!"

WORDs OF WARNING........ Because there is this loud static in my ears I may not hear you so please say it twice before you kick me. Also, because of the so called "Fibro Fog" it might take me a minute to register what you just said to me so then you might have to refer back to letter A. Be Patient

I love you all, pray for you all and just think, in the here after, we won't have to put up with such crap!!!!

I am officially done with my whining and moaning and bitchin!!!!!!!! Good Night!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A day at the Zoo with Monkey Boy !!!

Hi, I'm Jack

Me and Grandma Jenny went to Hogle Zoo

She got me a wagon and some really healthy snacks... Doritos and Rootbeer hee, hee

We first passed the Llama's where grandma
asked me if my momma was a llama?
I just scrunched my face and said "NOooo".

We saw two Tigers that looked very hungry!

I showed Grandma where the camels are

I tried to climb through the fence to get closer
Grandma was a party poop and wouldn't let me!!!

I had to go pee pee so I did
Then we washed our hands
Then we dried them and dried them and dried them
Until Grandma said they were way more then dry!!!

I told Grandma Jenny that I wanted to ride on the Elephant
so when the ride stopped
we ran really fast so we could be the first ones on it!!!!!
We gave ourselves a thumbs up for being fast as lightning!!!

We got back in the wagon where our chips and soda were waiting for us

We tried to look for the monkeys but we couldn't see any.
Grandma said, "maybe they're inside"
Let's go see!

We measured me and decided I was the size of a juvenile monkey.
Grandma said, " come on Monkey boy, lets go inside".
I climb a lot and I don't get scared that is why
she thinks I'm a monkey!

I stopped to say HI to Mowgli :)

Where are the Gorilla's Grandma? There they are, right there!!!

WE were at the zoo so long that we turned into wild animals!!!

I wasn't even scared to ride on wild tigers******* I was a Dorito munching Chinese boy!

Grandma made me try on a few more things because she thought I was so cute but then I said


Then we were off to see the Rhino's that were in the area
clearly marked ... ELEPHANT ENCOUNTER
It's a good thing monkey boy can't read or I would have been way confused!!!

Grandma SHOWED me the sign that means Restroom
I pointed to the sign and said that's a girl sitting on the potty!

Grandma asked me to jump back in the wagon so she could pull me up the hill and I said no, I want to do it . So she said okay and she jumped in the wagon and said it's your turn to pull me!!!

Grandma looked very comfortable sitting in the wagon but it was too hard!
After grunting a few times I kindly asked her to remove herself from the wagon
by saying in a sweet tone of voice...

She reminded me to say please....
I said please
She got out

This was much easier...

After two 1/2 hours at the zoo, 3 potty breaks, 1 pair of broken glasses
2 times dropping my flip flops out of the wagon, then finding them,
It was time to haul me and the wagon up that hellacious hill to get to the
parking lot! Grandma started talking about the fun we had today but then
the hill got steeper and grandma stopped talking, instead water was coming off her face.
she looked like she was going to have a heart attack but she still kept smiling at me
I laid back in my wagon finishing off the last of my Rootbeer and chips and enjoying the ride.

I got to the top of the hill and I was really, really sad!!!
Grandma thought it was because I didn't want to leave.

Grandma- "Jack what's wrong?"
Jack- wrimdn, eidndn,WA!
Grandma- "what sweetie I can't understand you"?
Jack- I jdiijnch see hdchn
Grandma- listen to grandma, you need to stop crying so grandma knows what
you are saying.

Jack- sniffle, sniffle,, " I didn't get to see that!

Grandma- You didn't get to see what? Jack, we saw all the animals

Jack- not that!

He points to what i'm guessing is the only possible animal in the whole zoo that somehow I missed.
I turn around to see what it is...

We had seen all the animals in the zoo, he wanted to see the machines like
PaPa Wades!!!!!
They were fenced in also. We watched them for ten minutes then went to the car.

But not before dropping Jacks flip flop once...

Then twice...

Before we could get out of the parking lot this little monkey was asleep!

What a fun day I had with you Jackster, Grandma Jenny loves you!!